Twins Michael & Nicole grew up enjoying the spoils of cartel life, without losing a loved one to prison or murder. While they strive to be accepted in the community, they clash with others who don’t believe they grew up with a legitimate tie to the cartel.


September xx 2019

Michael is the buttoned-up twin who stays out of trouble. He thinks the crowd Nicole runs with is whack and bad for her reputation but has no problem getting feisty to defend his sister. Michael is the "responsible" twin and is focused on his career as an interior designer. He caused a rift within his family after he was engaged to be married to a woman but broke it off once he came out as gay, yet Nicole has supported him all the way. They now live together in a decked-out penthouse fit for royalty. These twins would accept nothing less.

Nicole is daddy's little princess and in return is given everything she ever wants, including multiple plastic surgery procedures, cars, shoes -- the list goes on. She's both fascinated by and ignorant of the cartel life. Despite growing up excessively wealthy, she has never felt the need to know how deep her family runs in the cartel. While she hasn't lost close family members to Miami's drug trade, she has fought her own personal battles; she overcame severe bullying and now tries to make other girls as confident as she is with two of her own "legit" businesses (a waist trainer line and an eyelash line). She knows she is hot stuff and isn't afraid to flaunt the confidence it took her years of surgery to get. In her own words, she's "the hottest thing walking right now -- you're welcome!"