During an early morning drive home, Michael finds a mysterious box in his barn containing two rings and a missing flyer of himself. He follows an inexplicable impulse to put on one of the rings and is shifted into the depths of his lost memories with his former girlfriend. Followed by memories of his ex boyfriend leading him into his car where he encounters a UFO and is “abducted”. He than finds himself back in the barn coming to terms with what he experienced. Michael decides to get in the car and drive off to continue his new life after realizing why the universe compelled him to let them go and was brought to a new environment in order to make a new beginning.



ZAVALA was forced to realize that his current romantic situation wasn’t suitable for him. The symbolization of the "abduction" is universe's way to have Zavala open his eyes to reality. Moving into a new place gives him the opportunity to have a fresh new beginning. The "abduction" not only forced him to realize the reality of his complex romance but also forced him to focus on his own reality and let go of the weight that has been holding him back from growing to be ZAVALACONCEPTS.


Soundtrack: STAY TRUE